Enhancing Home Security With Front Entry Doors

The front door of your home or business is one of the most important aspects when it comes to security. Potential intruders can easily break through weak entry doors, so upgrading an aged or low-quality door and increasing your security measures are crucial. 

Importance of Front Door Security

A front door of a house or business is its first line of defense against intruders. Criminals can force entry within a few minutes, making front door security a crucial part of protecting your family or company. Improving the security of your front door can deter potential intruders from attempting a break-in, stop them from entering or slow their entry long enough for you to contact help. With the right door, you can prevent potential violence and property loss to increase your peace of mind.

How Can I Improve My Front Door Security?

Replacing your door is the most important step you can take to improve the security of your front door. The following tips can help you increase your front door’s strength:

1. Choose a Door Made of Durable Materials

A solid-core door provides the strength and durability necessary to withstand forced entry or illegal trespassing attempts. Solid-core doors consist of steel, wood or fiberglass and contain a wood core, making them extremely difficult to break through. Steel doors are the best options, but fiberglass and solid wood options also provide incredible strength to prevent break-ins.

2. Ensure Proper Installation

Proper installation is just as important as choosing a strong door. Any flaw in the installation process can make it easier for a burglar or intruder to gain entry, so professional installation is a must. Before purchasing a new door, ensure the dealer offers professional installation services.

3. Replace Your Door Frame and Hinges

Whether you already have a strong door or want to install a new one, ensuring your door frame and hinges are in good condition is essential. A security door is only as strong as its frame, so it’s important to screw or bolt your door to a solid door frame.

Hinge screws should be at least two and a half inches long to prevent intruders from breaking your door open at the hinges. Longer screws can withstand human traffic and weather, allowing them to last longer and provide the protection you need. 

You can further reinforce your door’s hinges with hinge bolts and hinge guards. Securing hinge bolts to your door’s surface prevents criminals from kicking your door down or prying a hinge off your door frame, and hinge guards protect your hinges if they sit on the outside of your door.

4. Change or Add Locks

Replacing your locks is an excellent idea if you recently moved into a new house or moved your business into a new building. A previous property owner may have shared spare keys with friends, neighbors, family members or previous employees, giving strangers access to your new home or office building. 

Enhance your door’s security with these lock options:

  • Smart lock: A smart lock is a highly secure option that allows you to lock and unlock your door using your smartphone. With this type of lock, you can also set lock reminders or program your front door to lock automatically when you leave your property, eliminating the risk of forgetting to lock your door.
  • Multi-point system: A multi-point lock system offers more security than a standard lock because it uses three locking points. This type of system is inside your door, making it harder for potential intruders to tamper with it.
  • Double-cylinder lock: A double-cylinder lock requires you to use a key on the inside and the outside of your door to unlock it. This provides an extra protection layer, deterring or slowing intruders from entering your home or building. 

Adding extra locks to your front door is another excellent way to increase security. Consider the following additional locks you can install:

  • Deadbolt: A deadbolt is different from your primary lock because it uses a metal bar or bolt that slides into place instead of rotating parts such as a spring mechanism. You can add a deadbolt to a steel, wood or fiberglass door for extra security.
  • Door chain: A door chain is unique because it enables you to open your door enough to see who is outside while keeping it locked. 

5. Leave Additional Keys With a Trusted Family Member

Leaving a key in a concealed place on your property such as under a doormat may be tempting, but it’s unsafe. If you worry about locking yourself out of your home or office building, leave a spare key with an individual you trust such as a family member or close friend.

6. Increase Lighting in Your Entryway

Since darkness makes it easy for intruders to break in undetected, a well-lit entryway can help deter potential intruders from forcing entry. Replace light bulbs to ensure your entryway has adequate lighting, and consider installing a light system that operates on timers, a mobile app or motion-sensing technology. Programming your indoor lights on a timer is also helpful because it makes intruders think you’re home even if you’re away.

7. Install Surveillance

While your front door’s strength and locking systems are the most important parts of keeping intruders out, proper surveillance is also crucial. A video doorbell or professional video security system can deter potential criminals, alert you when suspicious activity occurs and record criminal actions in case you need to identify perpetrators.

8. Place Alarms Inside Your Home

Placing alarms inside your home can stop an intruder if they get past your door. According to one study, 80% of burglars avoid targeting properties with alarms and a further 50% would leave immediately if they triggered an alarm during the burglary. A doorstop alarm is a great option because it activates when the bottom of your door hits it, emitting a loud sound.

How Do I Reinforce My Front Door?

You can reinforce your front door by:

  • Installing a new strike plate: Your door jamb is the part of your door frame where the latch remains while the door is locked, and it can gradually weaken due to wear. A strike plate is a long metal plate that protects your door jamb from friction, helping it last longer and reinforcing your lock. Adding a new strike plate with two-and-a-half to three-inch screws can prevent potential intruders from breaking your lock and entering your property.
  • Reinforcing your door’s glass panes: Glass panes are beautiful, but burglars can potentially break them to reach in and unlock your door. Thankfully, you can upgrade to a door with stronger, tempered glass. Double-glazed windows are much harder to break through than single-glazed windows, preventing burglars from forcing entry.  

Signs You May Need to Replace Your Front Door

It’s time to replace your front door if you notice the following signs:

  • Higher-than-usual energy bills or poor noise control, which indicate low insulation
  • Damage such as warping, cracks or rot
  • Peeling or fading
  • Difficulty opening or closing your door
  • Swelling or a musty odor around your door

Find High-Quality Replacement Doors From HomeRite Windows and Doors

A high-quality front entry door can keep your family or company safe from harm and burglary. HomeRite Windows and Doors offers professional door replacement services, and our experts can increase your home security with a dependable front door. 

We provide a secure door that fits your unique style and budget, and we offer expert installation services and flexible financing options for a smooth process. Contact us to schedule a consultation and increase your front door’s security.

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