HomeRite Special: 8 Windows for $88/Month!

large window inside home 8 windows $88 a month

By the looks of our messaging, you might think we love the number 8. And we do! Because 8 is a key number in HomeRite’s exceptional offer that gives homeowners the chance to upgrade 8 windows in their home for just $88 per month.

Picture your home and go through room-by-room in your most used areas. Imagine the 8 windows you would choose to upgrade if you could and the impact this would have on the overall look and feel of your space. It’s huge! Replacing just 8 windows in a home, we have found, is the prime number for delivering a big value within a reasonable investment.

But what if you want to upgrade more – or less – than 8 windows in your home? This offer is still for you! Keep reading to learn how HomeRite’s 8 for $88 deal works and how to use it to benefit your own home.

Q: What does 8 for $88 mean?

HomeRite’s 8 for $88 deal gives you 8 new windows – purchased and installed – broken down into payments of just $88 per month. All that is required is a small deposit of 10% and then you pay just $88 each month for up to 10 years, depending upon the total cost of your project.

Q: What’s the “fine print?”

The unique benefit of this deal is the very low deposit of just 10% and that you have up to 10 years to pay it off. Best of all, there are no prepayment penalties! In contrast, other companies will ask for at least 20-25% as a down payment and with less favorable payment terms. HomeRite prides itself on being accessible and affordable to everyone!

Q: What if I need more or less than 8 windows?

If your home project requires more or less than 8 windows, this deal still works! We simply adjust the monthly payments and deposit accordingly. This is one more benefit of the 8 for $88 deal – it’s infinitely flexible to your needs!

Q: What makes this offer a great deal?

And in case you need more convincing that 8 for $88 is the perfect offer for you, HomeRite also offers a long 10-year term without requiring a hefty deposit. Typically, you see one or the other – we give you both benefits of low monthly payments and a low deposit. Additionally, the financing option we offer is 12 months interest-free, with no money down and no prepayment penalties if you pay it off in less than 12 months.

Q: How do I get started?

You can instantly start shopping online where you’ll see our prices. We keep things simple and transparent, just like our process and our products. Click here to start shopping for your project. Not sure what you need? Talk with our project manager who is ready to answer all your questions and assist you with recommendations. There is no high-pressure sales or cost to get started. Let us help you feel at home!

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