The Better Customer Experience for Purchasing New Windows and Doors

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When it comes time to purchase new windows and doors for your home, it can feel like an overwhelming process to start. The good news is that it does not have to be this way! In fact, upgrading the windows and doors in your home can and should be an exciting project because it stands to yield a more functional, better-looking home. Whether your project is made to feel simple and low-stress, or frustrating and confusing can depend a great deal on the company you choose to work with and their customer service style. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about HomeRite’s approach to providing windows and doors, and how we take great care to deliver a better customer experience that’s balanced on clear communication, transparent pricing, and reliable service.

You’re in control!

The best customer experience is one where the customer is in control of the process. Your window and door company should be here to meet your needs and work on your timeline, not the other way around. Pricing should not be a secret. After all, what’s there to hide? Window and door companies who promise fair, competitive, and no-nonsense pricing should be proud to list their price ranges with their products clearly and prominently on their website. We sure are!

Right now you can click over to begin shopping for windows and doors and immediately find the various price points, add your desired selections to your project, and create your own custom estimate in minutes. There’s no need to hand over your email, wait on a return phone call, or fill out a form. It’s online shopping as you’d find it anywhere else – and as it should be for an exceptional customer experience.  

Project Managers not Salespeople.

Another key factor that contributes to delivering a better customer experience is when customers work directly with project managers, not salespeople. The two have entirely different skills sets and motivators. Candidly, we think one is far better suited to serve our customers, which is why we employ only project managers. That’s right, there’s not a salesperson among us. This means we’re solely motivated by meeting your needs and getting the job done right. There are no quotas to reach, gimmicks to impose, or hoops to jump through. Every customer works with a project manager who is knowledgeable in current trends and design as well as each product’s unique benefits and solutions for a space. Salespeople sell, our people help, and project manage.  

Simple and straightforward savings.

Let’s revisit the important topic of pricing again for a moment. As a customer, you should never feel confused by or suspicious about the specials or discount your window and door company is running. At HomeRite, we keep things simple, and our customers’ savings are always the focus. You won’t need to break out a complex flow chart to understand any of our current promotions. They’re easy for a reason! Because we know this delivers the best customer experience. You’ve never left wondering if a different promotion would save you more money, or if applied in a different way could it have yielded a bigger discount. In one line or less, you can understand the offer and see how it would apply to your home project.

Efficient and reliable delivery and installation.

Finally and most importantly, the best customer experience when purchasing new windows and doors for your home can only happen when the project is brought to fruition and meets or exceeds all your expectations. We take that seriously! We keep you informed every step of the way so you know what to expect next and how long it will take. We set clear expectations and we stick to them. There are five main steps to our process, from design to complete installation, and it takes approximately 8-10 weeks. You can learn more about each step here. And we mean what we say and say what we mean when it comes to sticking to this timeline. We’ll keep you informed before you ever have to wonder where you’re at in the process or what’s taking place next and when. This all ties back to delivering an excellent customer experience – clear communication and keeping promises!

HomeRite provides customers in the Central PA area with high-quality window replacements, doors, siding, fences, decks, and more, all of which are installed by our AAMA Certified installers. Our coverage area includes Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Hershey, and more. Start shopping online now or schedule a time to meet with a project manager to get all your questions answered.

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