The Telltale Signs You Need New Windows

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A home is where we spend a significant amount of time, living, resting, making memories, and even working. Your home should be a welcoming and well-functioning space where you want to spend time – a space that brings you joy, not stress. And at the core of every functional home is functional windows. After all, these are the “eyes” from which you view the outside world, and how people view your home.

Windows give a home life and character. They can make a space feel entirely different depending upon its size, shape, and functionality. Look at the room you’re sitting in right now. Where are the windows? What are their size and shape? How much light do they let in? Now try to imagine if there were no windows at all. It’s an incredibly different experience.

But windows require maintenance. Even the highest quality windows will need repair and replacement when they start to show the telltale signs that they are no longer functioning as they should. What are these signs? Keep reading as we cover the obvious and not so obvious things to look for.

It’s hard to open and close the window.

Windows should not be a hassle to open and close. They need to be functional, too! Foremost, there will be times when you want to enjoy a breeze and need to open the window to do so. To properly clean and care for the windows, you also need them to open properly. And most importantly, from a safety standpoint, you need windows that can be opened in case of emergency. If any of your home’s windows don’t open or close properly, this is a sure sign it’s time to start looking for an upgrade!

You can feel a draft.

Do you have any windows in your home that let in the outdoor elements even when they’re closed? In the winter you may feel cold air when you walk by this window or sit beside it. In the summer, windows with a draft can let in heat. And if air can get it, it’s highly likely small insects and critters can also find their way into your home. This is another sign to prioritize new windows soon.

You notice an increase in energy bills.

As we mentioned above, if your windows aren’t doing their job keeping the outside elements outside, your energy bills will likely reflect this inefficiency as well. Have you noticed your heating or cooling usage has gone up, but it’s not because your home is set at a different temperature than normal? This is a sign that outside air is getting into your home, causing your HVAC system to work harder to maintain its desired temperature. Windows are an investment and one that can easily pay for itself over time in reduced energy costs alone. Plus there are so many more benefits you’ll receive from new windows!

You hear a lot of outside noise.

Old windows are more likely to let in outside noises. This is due to aging as well as the use of older materials and technology that don’t function as well as what’s new on the market. Especially if your home is located near a busy road or train, or you have nearby neighbors, well-functioning windows that block sound can make a huge difference! The bottom line is you should never have to live with outside noise that disrupts your sleep or the way you live in your home. Looking into new windows, especially ones that are specifically designed to block sound, can take this headache and turn it into a distant memory.

You see condensation.

Can you see condensation gathering on your windows? If it occurs between the panes (i.e. you can’t touch it) the insulated unit has lost its seal and is no longer functioning properly. It’s time to get a new window! Over time, the condensation will also damage the window and anything else it touches. Unwanted water is never a good thing in a home! And on a very superficial level, it simply doesn’t look great, and it blocks your view. If you see condensation between your windows’ panes, take this as your home’s cry for help that it wants new windows, too!

It’s important to note that when moisture shows up on the outside of the glass (you can touch it), there are a number of other factors that contribute to the issue that may or may not be the fault of the window performing its duty. Seek a professional opinion from someone who can examine your window and determine the cause.

You find damage.

A damaged window needs to be addressed promptly. For all the reasons discussed above, a window that lets in outside elements will cause big problems sooner than later. Even if you need only a single window fixed, a reputable window and door company can help. Damage to a window not only impacts the window’s function, but it decreases a home’s aesthetics and value. If you find damage, the time to start window shopping is right away.

You desire a new look!

And let’s not overlook an equally important sign that it’s time to upgrade the windows of your home. You may simply desire an enhanced look! Window styles and technology change over time and old windows can significantly date a home. By investing in new windows, a home gets an instant facelift that substantially changes its curb appeal. You can upgrade the color, shape, and styles of your windows to play up your home’s best features, let in more light, and create a stunning first impression.

If any of these signs point clearly to the fact that it’s time to get new windows for your home, here’s the good news. It can really be a fun and easy process when you align with the right company!

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