How to Winterize Windows and Doors for Colder Weather

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Winter in Central Pennsylvania can be brutally cold. If it feels this way to us, imagine what windows and doors endure as they serve to protect homes from the winter weather that persists often well beyond March. 

With heating and utility costs on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure your home’s windows and doors are properly functioning and ready to take on the winter season. Keep reading for tips to prepare your home for colder weather so that you can enjoy this season as comfortably as possible.

Inspect the State of Your Windows and Doors

First and foremost, you want to be a “detective” in your own home. When the temperatures start to drop, be sure to schedule time to examine the windows and doors in your home. Look at them one-by-one to see if there has been any damage or changes over the past year. 

On a cold day, can you feel air coming through any gaps or openings? Are there cracks? Has the window or door begun to pull away from the casing? These are all issues that will lead to less than well-functioning windows that will become especially evident in the winter months.

Properly Address Any Gaps or Openings

With the intel of where your windows or doors may have issues, it’s time to address them! There are many products on the market that aim to help. Some are great, and others miss the mark. 

You’ll want to do your research, look at online reviews, and talk to experts who have experience in this area. What’s most important is that you’re aware of gaps and openings in your windows and doors and that you find the right solution to address each unique need. 

Select the Right Products for Your Needs

There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for gaps or openings in your windows and doors. Unless of course that solution is to invest in new ones! But if that’s not an option for you right now, do your research to learn how your style of window or door needs to be treated for the winter. 

Sometimes the best solutions are a combination of products and strategies. You may need to play around a bit to find what’s right, so be sure to plan ahead and make this a priority to-do as you enter the winter season. 

Prepare Your Doors for Colder Months

Wondering how to winterize your doors? Consider if these options suit your preferences and needs:

  • Caulk:  A successful application of caulking will fill any holes or cracks, creating better insulation. 
  • Draft guards: A draft guard between the bottom of the door and the threshold can reduce airflow.
  • Weather stripping: A correct installation of weather stripping offers a way to better seal a closed door.

Prepare Your Windows for Winter Weather

Buying new windows offers the best insulation without any drafts so you can stay warm and protected throughout colder seasons. If you’d like to explore other options first, consider if these home improvements align with your goals:

  • Caulk: Applying caulking between a window’s frame and siding will require first scraping off the old materials and cleaning away the debris as preparation before you can insulate your windows for winter.
  • Draft stoppers: A draft stopper offers a way to cover small gaps with a tube that blocks a draft of the area covered.
  • Insulation film: A proper film installation creates a seamless, insulated result.
  • Weather stripping: Installing weather stripping involves cutting materials to fit the dimensions of your window, peeling an adhesive layer off and lining the strips along your frame to cover any cracks or gaps. 
  • Window treatments: A customized window treatment, such as cellular shades or thermal curtains, offers a way to help maintain the temperatures inside your home.

Consider the Return on Investment of Replacing Windows and Doors

Are your windows and doors aged, rotting or damaged? Sometimes, the best way to winterize your windows and doors for colder weather requires investing in replacements. New installations offer a way to refresh your style with any architectural elements, shapes, colors and finishes you love. Knowing you’ll have optimized insulation without any drafts provides peace of mind. 

It may feel like a very large investment to replace your home’s existing windows or doors. But it’s important to consider the long-term costs of not doing so, as well as the cost-savings of taking on this project. You just might find that the investment will pay for itself much sooner than expected! 

At HomeRite, we want to work with homeowners to give them as many options as possible and this includes special promotions like Buy Now, Pay Later or 8 for $88. By taking advantage of these options, combined with the ROI on a more efficient home, upgrading the windows and doors in your home might be a very reasonable investment!

Choose HomeRite Windows and Doors

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Stay Warm and Protect Your Home This Winter

As you take notice of the function of your windows and doors this winter season, keep in mind that the experts at HomeRite are always happy to have a conversation with you about your options for windows and doors. Maybe you’re ready to invest in an upgrade for your home now, or maybe you just want some initial information as you begin to consider this option. Even if you simply need some advice on winterizing the existing windows and doors you have, we have answers! We’re passionate about sharing our expertise and want to see every homeowner live comfortably in their homes.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today for a friendly and easy conversation about windows and doors – and how you can best prepare your home to thrive in the winter months!

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