Research and Budgeting: How to Prepare for Your Home Window Project

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Investing in new windows for your home can be a daunting task. Where to begin? To prevent this from becoming more stressful than it needs to be, it’s a good idea to first start with a little bit of “homework” of your own. Before you have a conversation with a professional window company, you want to first have some answers to these critical questions. Keeping reading to learn what to ask yourself in the early stages of researching and budgeting for your home’s window project.

What’s my “why”?

Before you make any major decision, you want to know your why. Why do you feel your home needs new windows? The answer may be obvious – a new look, better function, they’re broken or outdated. And why are you ready to make this investment now? Maybe you’ve put it off long enough, have saved up to invest in such a project, or it’s become a high-priority item. Write down your whys and keep them close as you navigate the other steps in the window buying process. Whenever you’re struggling to make a decision, come back to your whys.

How can I find a reputable window company?

A Google search is an obvious place to start, but it only begins to scratch the surface. Google will give you some options for local window and door companies, but use this guide with caution. Dig deeper beyond the paid ads and SEO to explore your top choice’s reviews, ratings, and sales process. Do these jive with what you’re looking for? Are selections and pricing clear and easy to navigate? Most importantly, ask family and friends who you trust. They likely know a thing or two about these local companies and can give you some personal perspective that is highly valuable.

What’s the right-sized budget for my project?

There’s no simple equation that will tell you exactly the right budget for your project. This will depend on a number of things such as how many windows you need to replace, the style and selection, your overall desired look, and inventory and market shifts. Most commonly, the more windows you purchase together the less each will cost individually. There is savings and efficiency in quantity. The right-sized budget will depend on what you can responsibly invest into a home project and should match your expectations for the finished project. For some ballpark numbers, HomeRite provides transparent pricing right on our website.

How can I find clear pricing?

Like we just mentioned, HomeRite always provides clear and easily accessible pricing right on our website. We want to build trust with our customers that we are straightforward and open from the start. Our transparent pricing reflects this value. In your research, you’ll find that this is not the case with every window company. Often you’ll need to call and speak with a salesperson to then schedule an appointment to have someone come look at your home before they will quote pricing. This is a lot of effort to gain some initial information from which you can budget! It’s important that you find the information you need during your research phase to decide your own budget before a salesperson tells you what the cost is. You retain control by knowing your budget from the onset and framing your project around what you can comfortably afford.

What if I can’t afford it all at once?

There are definitely options to phase out a window project. As we mentioned above, it will almost always be more economical to do as many windows as you can in one phase, but we understand that sometimes this is not possible. To help with budgeting and financing, HomeRite offers various deals throughout the year. Our current offering allows customers to buy now and pay later with no interest until the new year. This is hugely beneficial for homeowners who need new windows as soon as possible but need a little more time to save up and space out payments. We’re here to work with you! We want to see as many homeowners as possible with functional, beautiful windows in their homes. It all starts with a conversation so we can learn what’s possible to make that happen for you!

What if I have questions?

Internet research can answer a lot of questions, but it can’t completely replace the benefit of talking one-on-one with a local window professional who knows the industry inside and out. A phone call or in-person meeting is the best way to go through each question and concern and have it addressed to your unique situation. At HomeRite, we don’t have salespeople, only project managers. This means the first person you talk to is solely focused on finding solutions that meet your needs, not getting you to sign in to the biggest contract possible. And if all we can provide is some answers to your questions during this first meeting so that you feel better informed, that’s a win! We’re here when you need us and always happy to help.

Are you ready to begin window shopping? Start by considering the questions above, and when you’re ready to take the next step reach out to learn more. We’re passionate about making your home project easy and streamlined. We’re ready when you are!

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