Buyers Guide: Pros and Cons of the Most Common Styles of Windows

single hung windows in kitchen

Investing in new windows is a big decision and one that will have a major impact on both the look and functionality of your home! The most important step in the process is first being clear about why you want or need new windows. The answer to your “why” will guide every other aspect of your window project, including style, size, features, budget, and more. If you’re not sure where to begin, start with these telltale signs that your home needs new windows.

Once you have your “why,” the next step is familiarizing yourself with the most common styles of windows. Windows for your home come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles. This provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the overall aesthetics and functionality of your home based on the types of windows you select. On the flip side, it can be overwhelming to decide which windows will best fit your lifestyle and budget. With so many options, where do you begin?

Different Window Styles & Their Features

Double hung windows are by far the most common window styles and it’s very likely these are the style of windows you have in your home right now. With this style, both sashes travel up and down to provide ventilation.

Single hung windows are also very common. You might see them in new builds where the builder (or homeowner) is trying to save money. With a single hung window, only the bottom sash travels up and down. As you can see, there is a tradeoff with functionality for a price between double and single hung windows. It really comes down to what fits your preferences and budget!

Horizontal gliding windows are the next common style. This is where both sashes travel horizontally for ventilation.

Casement, or crank out, windows can also provide an interesting, more modern feel to a home, as they create fewer sight line disturbances.

Choosing the Best Window Style for You

When it comes time to invest in a major decision for your home, like new windows, one of the best things you can do is start a conversation with a trusted, professional company. At HomeRite, we lean on years of experience in literally thousands of homes to make sure we’re presenting all the options a homeowner has available to them. Without expert input, you might never know such options exist or feel confident choosing them in your home. We can use pictures of past projects or simply the power of visualization to help the client determine what they find most appealing. And if too many choices overwhelm you, that’s where an experienced project manager can help. We help eliminate choices we know are not a good fit and steer you in the right direction where there is essentially no “wrong” choice.

When choosing new windows for your home, first consider why you are replacing the current windows. That alone should drive 90% of the conversation around what new style of window is right for you. From there, you still need to consider ingress and egress to make sure the house can be accessed by first responders should the need arise. Safety is a huge aspect of windows – not just aesthetics!

Additionally, windows have come a long way in the last twenty years regarding style, color, options, etc. Your new windows can be painted almost any color inside and out. They can have blinds between the glass or triple pane glazing just to name a few of the new options. Don’t get hung up on what a single stock image shows you. Be sure to inquire about options and customizations which are often available with every style!

Common Mistakes When Choosing Windows

As with any home project, there are pitfalls and common mistakes you want to avoid. The most common mistake we see is homeowners going into the buying process without having done any homework on their part. You don’t have to have every question answered, but you do need to know why you’re shopping for new windows and your price range. Knowing this information before you embark any further in the process ensures you remain in control of your project and that you have a clear vision that can be brought to life.

If nothing else, remember this…

Do your homework first. Don’t sign ANYTHING on the spot. Even if you’re tempted by an aggressive sales approach, just know you are the one who is in control and a “better” sale will always be on the table. Plus, who likes hard selling? (Not us!) Put simply, new windows for your home are a huge investment and ideally, one you should only need to make sparingly. For this reason, it’s a decision you should sleep on. Every homeowner deserves to feel excited about such a big upgrade in their home – not stressed. You’ll know you’re working with the right professionals when your window project brings excitement and joy to the homeowning experience!

Do you still have unanswered questions? Talk to a HomeRite window and door expert! Reach out to us today to speak to an experienced professional who can help make your home project easy and enjoyable. Let’s get started.

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